Radon Consultation and Mitigation

GFS Radon is ready to help whether you are simply looking for radon testing or need radon mitigation services.  You should know that you are not alone. One in 15 homes has elevated radon in the air and in most cases, the fix is relatively inexpensive and simple.

We will inspect your property to identify its unique features that will be incorporated into the final remediation system design then provide a cost estimate.   Depending upon the size of the structure and underlying soil material, a system is installed in one day.  Follow-up testing will be done to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Tips on performing your own radon tests:

Make sure that you follow the directions completely.

Perform the test during winter – the ground is frozen trapping gases beneath; the house is heated creating a low-pressure environment and doors and windows are closed –  to determine the worst-case exposure. 

Repeat the test to confirm your results.